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The Authoritarian Communicator Persona

Calculate your total score by adding the points for each answer choice. The persona with the highest score represents your dominant communication style.

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Commanding Respect, Earning Trust: A Guide for the Authoritarian Communicator


From Commands to Conversations: Mastering Active Listening

a. Be Present: Put down your phone, silence distractions, and make eye contact with the speaker. This conveys genuine interest and encourages them to elaborate.

b. Ask Open-Ended Questions: Instead of yes/no questions, ask "Why?" or "How?" to encourage deeper conversation and understand their perspective.

c. Practice Reflective Listening: Summarize what you've heard to ensure understanding. Phrases like "So what you're saying is..." or "It sounds like..." demonstrate you're actively engaged.


The Art of Feedback: Recognizing Strengths and Providing Opportunities for Growth

a. Leveraging curiosity, ownership, and accountability: Ignite curiosity and ownership in your direct reports by asking about their career goals, then provide a balanced feedback session highlighting strengths and areas for growth. This empowers them to take charge of their development.

b. Focus on Behavior, not Personality: Instead of "You're always disorganized," say "This report could benefit from better organization."

c. Focus on the Future, not Dwelling on the Past: Provide feedback in a timely manner, and focus on how they can move forward instead of dwelling on past mistakes.


Transparency Breeds Trust: Demystifying Decisions

a. Explain the "Why" Behind Decisions: Don't just announce decisions. Explain the rationale, the goals you're trying to achieve, and the bigger picture. This fosters understanding and buy-in from your team.

b. Welcome Questions and Clarifications: Encourage open dialogue after making a decision. Allow team members to ask clarifying questions and address any concerns they may have.

c. Share Progress Updates: Keep your team informed about the progress of decisions and initiatives. This transparency demonstrates your commitment to open communication and inclusivity.

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