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Dorothy Richardson

Dorothy Richardson, PCC, NRWA, FCWP

Career Coach
Career Development Trainer & Facilitator

Areas of expertise: ✓ ACC Certified ICF Coach
✓ Career Development Professional ✓ Training and Development/ Speaker ✓ Certified Resume Writer ✓ English/ French
✓ Interviewing and Salary Negotiation Tips ✓ Job Seeking Strategist/ Outplacement ✓ Social Media Branding ✓ NCOPE Certified Professional Online Expert ✓ Assessments


Dorothy Richardson is a multilingual Professional Career Development Trainer and an ICF ACC Certified Coach, an expert in Human Capital management and training in the workforce. Since 2010 Dorothy has designed and facilitated coaching and training webinars, workshops, and think tanks virtually and in person throughout Florida, to assist individuals and groups seeking to strategize, become gainfully employed or transition into a new occupation.


Dorothy strongly believes that, as our world changes into a digital world, and modernizes for the future, one must be prepared for new ways of working. The way we communicate and collaborate with others is evolving every day. Managing a career or transitioning into a new career is an intricate and competitive process. To make a successful change, one must embrace the concept of reinventing oneself, becoming technically savvy, understand marketing, and branding yourself effectively. Having a growth mindset will be your greatest career asset.


Known and recognized to be an informative, effective facilitating coach and trainer, Dorothy educates clients on developing their professional skills while keeping their work-life balance at the forefront. Utilizing a motivational and positive approach, Dorothy will coach and guide you from beginning to end to help you maximize your strengths and encourage you to reach for and attain your professional goals.


(ICF) International Coaching Federation

(NRWA) National Resume Writing Association

(FCWP) Florida Certified Workforce Professional



Upwardly Global Volunteer in providing professional Career Coaching services to immigrants and refugees integrating into the American workforce.

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