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Lisa DiMatteo

Lisa DiMatteo, PCC

Executive & Self-leadership Coach
Facilitator, Trainer, & Ideator


Hello! My background is as diverse as my interests which all center around creating safe* and inspiring spaces for missions that matter. Whether it’s the workplace or your home space, a focus on cultivating the qualities of Self that invite your ‘best you’ to your career, family, community, and relationships of all kinds, is where I shine and you may want me on your team.


Getting to the heart of the matter, and removing roadblocks while enjoying the journey is possible!

I bring insights from:


  • High-tech start-ups

  • Manufacturing

  • Small-local business

  • Hospitality & retail

  • Customer service focused Fortune 100’s


...with an emphasis on people and performance leadership.


I have been a key contributor to the backbones of several organizations. Most recently I was contracted to bring coaching expertise to an innovative, diverse, cross-functional group within a Fortune 100. Bringing to life a ‘quarter-cooked’ public-facing coaching program is the kind of mission that can leverage; creativity, thought-partnership, authenticity, inspiration, grit/’feet on the ground’ and the commitment that I bring to projects. I have also spent a large portion of my career partnering with executive teams simplifying and taking the pain out of growth processes. Specifically, pairing talent and career aspirations with vacancies. The hiring process is not rocket science however, employment has changed A LOT in the last 25+ years and I believe some organizations make it more complex (and un-fun!) than it needs to be.


Education: I am a life-long learner driven by a high value and habit of curiosity. My education is always ongoing. Here are some highlights that you may care about: 

  • Core Coach Training & Leadership Development program completed at CTI - Co-Active Training Institute, San Francisco, CA.

  • Organizational Development & Training Master’s studies from Lesley University, Boston MA.

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Education from Salem State University, Salem, MA.


A sampling of other interesting coursework includes; Coaching for Self-leadership (based in IFS created by Richard Schwartz), Money Coaching Archetyping (based in the work of Deborah Price), Fundamentals of Executive Coaching (CTI), Emotions based Coaching (based on the work of Daniel Newby of Newfield Coaching Network), and many corporate based training.


In addition to my own learning, I help others in their learning journey. I have created, edited, re-shaped, and delivered hundreds of courses on all kinds of topics ranging from personal development, group dynamics, and how to reach individual and team goals.


*’Safe’ is a rather charged word these days. My reference to it covers; psychological safety, a place where it’s OK to make mistakes & learn, a shame-free environment, people have each other’s backs, where intent matters, respect is apparent, and the ‘whole person’ is considered as part of a team, for the sake of the mission and all the qualities that make it a success.


Core Competencies: #creativity #brainstorming #ideas #teamwork #energy #values #spirit #success #alignment #fun #service #learning #elevatingothers #personalsuccess #teamsuccess #challenge #deliverables #goals #roadblocks #co-creating #emotionalintelligence #missionsthatmatter #mentoring #community #sustainability #results #partnership #relationships #consciousbusiness #curiosity #clarity #compassion #empathy #confidence #courage #accountability #leadership #teams



Professional Certified Coach (PCC) — International Coach Federation (ICF)

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