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Eileen Pawlowski

Eileen Pawlowski


Eileen Pawlowski is the editor for Habitat for Leadership.  She puts the final touches on articles for publishing and believes that clarity in communication and accuracy in content are the two forces that leave an imprint on readers.  This is especially important when clients come from diverse backgrounds with many different credentials.

Eileen has a B.A. degree from Barnard College, Columbia University, and did graduate work at Fordham University.  Her early career in publishing included Theatre Arts Books and The Magazine Antiques, where she was assistant editor and columnist under the direction of Alice Winchester.  Her position as office manager at Tower Micro in Pennsylvania gave her an intimate view of the need for employee training and job satisfaction on the one hand and the ever important factor of customer relations.  Other work in the areas of city planning and local history helped her refine her skills as researcher, writer, and editor.

It would not be an exaggeration to say that this editor enjoys her work with the staff at Habitat for Leadership because it gives her the opportunity to help clients find their voice and discover their path to job fulfillment. After all, we must speak to communicate, and we must know where we want to go.

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