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The Inaccessible Director Communicator Persona

Calculate your total score by adding the points for each answer choice. The persona with the highest score represents your dominant communication style.

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and your preferred persona is "The Inaccessible Director"


Bridging the Gap: Communication Guide for Previously Inaccessible Directors

From Monologue to Dialogue: Shifting Gears in Team Meetings:

a. Move from "information dumps" to interactive sessions: Instead of lengthy presentations, consider shorter updates followed by Q&A sessions or breakout discussions where team members can share ideas and insights.

b. Actively solicit feedback: Don't be afraid to ask direct questions like: "What are your biggest concerns about this project?" or "Do you have any suggestions for improvement?"

c. Practice active listening:  Dedicate time during meetings to hear from your team. Use verbal and non-verbal cues to show engagement, like nodding, summarizing what you've heard, and avoiding distractions.


Encouraging Open Communication & Collaboration:

a. Lead by example: Actively share your own ideas and thought processes, but also acknowledge that you don't have all the answers.

b. Foster a safe space for sharing: Encourage team members to respectfully disagree, propose alternative solutions, and participate in problem-solving.

c. Develop clear communication channels: Utilize multiple communication platforms like email, internal platforms, or instant messaging tools to ensure accessibility add information flow.


First-Rate MaterialsBuilding Stronger Relationships Through One-on-Ones:

a. Schedule regular one-on-one meetings with team members: This allows you to get to know them better on a personal and professional level, and provide a platform for open dialogue.

b. Shift your focus: These meetings are not just performance reviews. Focus on career development, addressing concerns, and understanding individual goals.

c. Actively listen and provide constructive feedback: Express your appreciation for their contributions and offer development suggestions in a supportive and encouraging way.

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