The Ultimate Nature Enchanted Mindful Leadership Retreat






Flying dipterocarp flower

Unplug from the world, in this sublime nature-inspired retreat – it is going to be a life-defining experience!

Be prepared to be enchanted by nature. The best way to recharge is to unplug from our daily demands of life. A 10-day, all-inclusive retreat to Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand that is covered by mountains and the oldest evergreen rainforest in the world. This journey will allow you to pull back, find inspiration, create expansive mind space, mentally detox, reconnect to your center and expand your perspective. "Conveniently located in the middle of nowhere."


Buttress roots


Great Hornbill

Asian elephants


Welcome to the Journey of the Ultimate Nature Enchanted Leadership Retreat.

 A unique location for a retreat – a floating jungle raft house set in a 160-million-year-old rainforest.  We will be surrounded by awesome limestone that stretches from Guilin to Borneo – we will be encapsulated by one of the most biodiverse tropical evergreen forests on earth. Khao Sok National Park was established in 1980 as Thailand’s 22nd National Park. It consists of a thick native rainforest, waterfalls, majestic limestone cliffs and an island-studded lake.

Khao Sok’s rainforest is partly tropical evergreen forest and partly tropical rainforest. There are approximately 200 different floral species found here per hectare, making it one of the most bio-diverse areas in the world (average forests in Europe or North America have only about 10 tree species per .039 sq. miles.)

Khao Sok National Park is home to many assiduous, beautiful and truly amazing animals. With 48 mammal species, 311 different species of birds, more than 30 species of bats and countless reptiles and insects the animal kingdom in Khao Sok is more than diverse. Get ready to meet some of them and uncover the secrets they hide.


Fresh coconut ice cream


Lunch spread


Asian elephants


Eating area

Daily meals included: 


Breakfast: Fresh fruit

Lunch: Freshly cooked Thai food

Dinner: Freshly cooked Thai food

Daily delivered freshly made coconut ice cream


2 Queen beds bungalow


1 Queen bed bungalow



Floating bungalows

Awaken to the serenade of nature-spirited musical composition, guaranteed to calm your mind.





Letting go


  • Daily guided meditation and mindfulness training

  • Hiking: Cave exploration

  • Kayak: Only mode of transportation on site

  • Nature exploration and lessons: Great Hornbill, Asian wild elephants, gibbons, and more

  • Daily relaxation and napping on a hammock

  • Swimming


On our way to cave exploration on this flat bamboo boat


Elephant Coral Rock in Pakarang Cave


  • The journey begins with a 45-minute boat ride to the facility–a breathtaking experience.

  • A day of hiking, cave exploration (rated #2 on the TripAdvisor list of things to do) of Coral Cave, swim and picnic on the boat. 

  • An afternoon of surrounding area exploration–may be lucky enough to see a family of elephants.

  • Free time to nap, kayak, swim, meditate, read, journal, draw...

  • May be invited to eat with the neighboring locals, family-style.


This is an EXCLUSIVE retreat, meaning there are no other visitors or tourists in our space. This makes for a wonderfully personal and intimate retreat.

We have no internet, phone signal, or electricity except for a few hours at night. This is a major feature in a world that is increasingly frantic. 


What are you waiting for?


Questions?  Not excited yet? Email:

Location: Khao Sok National Forest, Thailand

Date: March 24 - April 3, 2021

Deposit due: $300

$3357: 10-day retreat includes: 

Floating bamboo bungalows

Four 1-hour Thai massage

Daily meals: breakfast fresh fruit, freshly cooked Thai food for lunch and dinner

Drinks: water, teas, fresh-pressed coffee

Entrance to the national park

Entrance to Coral Cave

Longtail boat rides to and from the facility

Nearest airport group transport: Surat Thani International Airport