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The Open Communicator Persona

Calculate your total score by adding the points for each answer choice. The persona with the highest score represents your dominant communication style.

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The Open Leader's Guide to Communication: Building Trust and Transparency with Your Team

Mastering the Art of Active Listening: Three Levels of Listening:

a. Practice Focused Attention: Minimize distractions like phones or laptops during conversations. Make eye contact and turn your body towards the speaker.

b. Show Verbal and Non-Verbal Cues: Use encouraging nods, open postures, and verbal affirmations like "I understand" or "That's interesting."

c. Ask Clarifying Questions: Don't assume you understand everything. Rephrase what you hear to ensure understanding and encourage deeper exploration of ideas.


Transparency & Recognition: Building Trust and Morale:

a. Deliver both good and bad news promptly and directly:  Avoid sugarcoating or delaying difficult conversations.

b. Provide context and rationale behind decisions: This helps your team understand the "why" behind what's happening.

c. Celebrate achievements publicly: Recognize individual and team accomplishments verbally, in emails, or during team meetings.


Keeping Everyone Informed and Engaged

a. Schedule regular team meetings: (weekly or bi-weekly) to discuss progress, challenges, and upcoming goals. Encourage open discussion and feedback.

b. Utilize communication channels: Like emails or internal platforms for updates, project announcements, and reminders.

c. Foster a culture of "information sharing:" Where team members feel comfortable asking questions and raising concerns.

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