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Confidence: Installment #7 of “A tour through the 8 C’s of Self Leadership”

I have recently started thinking of confidence as the feeling that no matter what happens, it’s going to be okay. One of the interpretations in Merriam-Webster’s dictionary is; ‘a relation of trust or intimacy.’ When I put the two together, I’m led to the ability to trust oneself.

I can see the word ‘confide’ in the word confidence. Confiding in mySelf is possible when I trust mySelf. Trusting mySelf is a process. As I move through the moments of my life I am able to integrate the experiences, both good and ‘not-so-good’ in such a way that I am left feeling more equipped for what’s to come. I often want to move on quickly from traumas or failure. Who wants to hang out in these moments longer than needed, right? However, there is a gem that arises from even the most challenging failures. At first that gem may not appear like much. Maybe it’s covered in the muck of the failure and over time it starts to shine a bit more brightly. This gem is transforming the failure into a piece of learning I like to call ‘confidence’ when it’s fully cooked. This is my unique meaning for confidence.

Following is an invitation to explore your own unique meaning through some journal prompts.

· What does confidence mean to you?

· How do you experience confidence?

· Where do you feel it in your body?

· What does confidence create or enable for you?

· In what ways do you cultivate confidence in your life?

This piece is written by Lisa DiMatteo, PCC a Self Leadership Coach who also specializes in helping humans explore their relationships with money, work & life.

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