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Love is in the Air

February is the month people can’t help thinking about love and romance. Even if you try not to think about it, you can’t escape the TV commercials, web and radio ads, and valentine decorations everywhere you go. Some of us don’t want to be reminded that we don’t have a special someone to share Valentine’s Day with.

I found myself feeling resentful and annoyed with the holiday and wanting it to just hurry up and be over. But I started thinking about love and how special this emotion is that we are born with. Everybody wants to feel loved. Everyone has the ability to give love.

So, take heart! Those of us who are devoid of anything resembling a romantic relationship can still enjoy the beauty of love. Let’s give love to others. When you make someone else happy, you can’t help but feel happy yourself.

Here are some simple things that everyone can do to share love:

❤️ Just smile and say, “Hi.”

❤️ When you see someone with a nice outfit, tattoo, smile, hair, etc., don’t just keep that observation to yourself. Go ahead and verbalize it. The other day, I was thinking to myself about my cashier’s hair. I loved her funky hairstyle and the blue tint. So, I went ahead and stepped out of my comfort zone and said, “Your hair looks so cool.” This teenager’s facial expression went from being stony to being lit up as she thanked me.

❤️ Hold the door for people.

❤️ Thank your instructors, shuttle drivers, pastors, custodians, etc.

❤️ Don’t be afraid to speak to younger people… or older people. It can make their day to receive a kind word.

❤️ Let your sweetie know you love him or her, even if they’re not loveable.

❤️ Send a note of encouragement to someone who is sick or has lost a spouse or pet, etc.

❤️ Bring an elderly neighbor some soup.

❤️ Call a friend you’ve lost contact with.

❤️ Encourage young parents. It’s tough sometimes.

❤️ Bring cookies to a new neighbor.

❤️ Say “hi” to little kids.

❤️ Bring muffins to work.

❤️ Put a package of gum in your mailbox for the mail carrier with a thank you note.

We don’t know what others are going through. If someone is distant, grumpy, rude, or negative, they might be going through a tragedy or abuse at home or chronic health issues. Or they might be too prideful to acknowledge your kind deed. Don’t be discouraged if someone doesn’t react nicely to your act of love towards them. They won’t forget what you did or said and will hold onto it in their hearts and cherish it… at least for a little while.

Every day, treat your loved ones like you may never see them again.

Share the love!


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