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What's Your Leadership Style? Take Our Reflective Quiz to Find Out!

Find Your Leadership Style with Our Self-Reflective Quiz - Unleash Your Leadership Potential Today!
Discover Your Leadership Style with Our Reflective Quiz - Unlock Your Potential as a Leader!

If you are a supervisor, manager, director or hold a position where you manage people, this quiz is for you! If you are an artist or a different type of solopreneur or entrepreneur who wants to begin developing your leadership identify, this quiz allows to clarify your path forward. Get started with learning effective leadership skills today because it takes time.

Here are 20 questions about one's leadership identity and style, along with possible answers that explain that style:

1. What are your strengths or your superpower as a leader? Example: I am a strong leader because I am decisive, organized, and have a clear vision. I am also good at motivating and inspiring others.

2. What are your weaknesses, blindspots, or obstacles as a leader?

Example: I can be a bit impatient at times, and I sometimes have a hard time delegating tasks. I am also working on being more assertive.

3. What is your leadership style?

Example: I am a collaborative leader. I believe in empowering my team members and giving them the autonomy to make decisions. I also believe in providing clear direction and support. You can have multiple styles of leadership to adapt in certain teams and situations.

4. What are your goals as a leader?

Example: My goals as a leader are to create a positive and productive work environment, to help my team members reach their full potential, and to achieve the organization's goals.

5. What are your values as a leader?

Example: My values as a leader are integrity, honesty, respect, and collaboration.

6. How do you motivate and inspire others?

Example: I motivate and inspire others by setting a good example, providing positive reinforcement, and recognizing their accomplishments.

7. How do you deal with conflict?

Example: I deal with conflict by listening to all sides of the story, trying to understand the perspectives of everyone involved, and working to find a solution that everyone can agree on.

8. How do you make decisions?

Example: I make decisions by gathering all the information I can, weighing the pros and cons of each option, and then making a decision that I believe is in the best interests of the organization.

9. How do you deal with change?

Example: I deal with change by being open to new ideas, being willing to adapt, and helping others through the change process.

10. How do you communicate with your team members?

Example: I communicate with my team members by being clear and concise, providing regular updates, and being open to feedback.

11. How do you build trust with your team members?

Example: I build trust with my team members by being honest and transparent, being supportive, and being fair.

12. How do you develop your team members?

Example: I develop my team members by providing them with opportunities to learn and grow, giving them feedback, and encouraging them to take on new challenges.

13. How do you celebrate success?

Example: I celebrate success by recognizing the accomplishments of my team members, providing positive reinforcement, and having fun!

14. How do you handle failure?

Example: I handle failure by learning from my mistakes, not making the same mistake twice, and moving on.

15. What is your biggest leadership challenge?

Example: My biggest leadership challenge is balancing the needs of the organization with the needs of my team members.

16. What is your proudest leadership moment?

Example: My proudest leadership moment was when my team achieved a goal that we had been working towards for a long time.

17. What is one piece of advice you would give to aspiring leaders?

Example: My advice to aspiring leaders is to be yourself, be authentic, and be passionate about what you do.

18. What is one thing you wish you knew when you first started out as a leader?

Example: I wish I knew that it is okay to make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes, and it is how we learn and grow.

19. What is your favorite thing about being a leader?

Example: My favorite thing about being a leader is the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others.

20. What is your vision for the future?

Example: My vision for the future is to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Extra Credit:

  1. What 3 words would you want people to describe you as a leader?

  2. Is that how people truly see you?

  3. Ask for feedback and find out.

We hope our questions and answers can help you understand your leadership style. If you need more help defining your leadership identity, our certified coaches can guide you through the process and help you embody your desired style. Contact us to speak with one of our ICF certified coaches.

Image: client and artist Jennifer Wen Ma working at Loghaven Artist Residency. Photo courtesy of Loghaven and the artist.


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