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Why does having your own Coach matter?

“Since I started talking to you a couple of months ago, my life has changed so much. My team is much more cohesive and each team member is stepping up wanting more responsibilities. I am more focused on helping them develop, especially those who are ready to be promoted. I have gained so much personal time and my team members seem to be very happy!” ~Coaching Client

“I feel so much better talking to someone who is a third party and has no skin in the game. It feels so good to be able to express what I have been thinking and to be able to process it with you has been really hopeful. I felt really stuck, I just didn’t know how to move forward.” Client

“The things we have been talking about is what I have been really thinking about but just didn’t know how to express it. This conversation has succinctly summarized how I can move forward.” ~Coaching Client

These are a few of what my leader clients have shared with me. Why does having your own coach matter? Coaching provides non-judgmental space for clients to express their desired state. This conversation allows the client to process new information, experience, wisdom, and emotions. The importance of processing all information is to be able to reflect, assess, re-reflect, reassess and learn. This partnership is paramount for the client's clarity and motivation to take small action steps towards achieving their goals. During the coaching engagement, clients are encouraged to trust their own wisdom, to challenge their own limiting beliefs, to look beyond the roadblocks, to enable their creativity, to look within for their own answers, and to have ownership of their own destiny.

Coaching matters because it “empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility. Coaching increases employee and staff engagement. It improves individual performance. Coaching helps identify and develop high potential employees,” according to the Institute of Coaching.

We are here to help you reimagine your professional and personal life. We are here to help you re-imagine your leadership, career, relationships, etc. You bring your topic, goals, concerns, ideas, problems, feelings, wants and needs. Our agenda as coaches are your goals, concerns, problems, feelings, wants, needs and you. Are you ready to have your own coach? Contact us


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