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Introduction to Self-Leadership Workshop


July 16, 2019

On July 16, Habitat for Leadership, LLC held the first in-person workshop in New York City! This Introduction to Self-Leadership workshop engaged 12 professional women of creative solopreneurs including emerging artists, designers, literary agents, teachers, students, and other professionals. We partnered with artist Marianna Peragallo who co-facilitated the workshop and gave testimonials on her path on self-leadership through professional coaching. The workshop was held in the beautiful studio of artist Jennifer Wen Ma, who is a long-time HFL client.
Collectively, the participants:

  • learned that life is a constant journey of problem-solving, and the importance of building our abilities to solve problems as they become more complex.

  • discovered limiting beliefs are subconscious self-imposed barriers that hold us back from achieving true success.

  • workshopped with each other on finding that no matter the age and stage in life, we can find like-minded people with similar challenges, and together we create a powerful network of support and connections.

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