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Grow Your Vision!

Thank you for choosing to partner with Habitat for Leadership! We are honored to have the opportunity to support you and work together towards your goals.

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"My decision to embark on my coaching journey was driven by both a need for a career transition and a strong desire to complete my education. At that time, I found myself feeling lost and wasting valuable time and energy in my search for direction. Coaching was a luxury accessible only to CEOs and executives, which left me longing for the guidance, support, and focus that a coach could provide.

Motivated by my passion for working with people, I made the conscious choice to become a coach with the aim of assisting individuals in achieving personal and professional success. By helping others navigate their paths, I aspire to contribute to the creation of more fulfilling lives for them." - Charlene Birk, MA, PCC


Thank You for Allowing Us to Support You!

Know of anyone who never had a coaching session? It can be difficult to explain and the only way to know for certain is to try it! The simplest explanation is during the "Discovery Coaching Experience," we will go on a journey of values and strengths exploration. It is a collaborative and interactive process where your coach facilitates self-reflection and self-discovery to gain clarity, make informed decision, and take action towards your desired outcomes. Share the link below and give the gift of self discovery. 

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