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The Empathetic Listener Persona

Calculate your total score by adding the points for each answer choice. The persona with the highest score represents your dominant communication style.

Based on the selection of your answers, your score is null

and your preferred persona is "The Empathetic Listener"


Honing Your Empathy: A Guide for the Empathetic Communicator Leader

From Supportive to Clear: Mastering Assertive Communication

a. "I" Statements: Use "I" statements to communicate your needs or concerns while avoiding accusatory language. (Example: "I feel frustrated when deadlines are missed" vs. "You're always late").

b. Clear and Direct Language: Be clear about your expectations and desired outcomes. Don't be afraid to say "no" or delegate tasks when necessary.

c. Non-verbal Cues: Maintain confident body language and eye contact to project strength alongside your empathy.


Beyond "Good Job": The Power of Specific Feedback

a. Focus on Behavior, not Personality: Instead of saying "You're disorganized," say "The presentation could benefit from a clearer structure."

b. Actionable Feedback: Offer suggestions for improvement along with the feedback. (Example: "Consider using bullet points and visuals to enhance clarity").

b. Focus on Progress, not Perfection: Acknowledge their effort and celebrate small improvements.


Sharpening Your Skills: Seeking Training and Support

a. Assertiveness Training: Workshops or online resources can equip you with strategies for clear and confident communication.

b. Conflict Resolution Training: Learn techniques for navigating disagreements and finding win-win solutions in a respectful manner.

c. Mentorship or Coaching: Seek guidance from experienced leaders who can provide valuable feedback and support.

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