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Self Leadership Series: Creativity

Creativity is the 5th of the 8 C’s of Self Leadership we are exploring in our monthly series. Creativity is defined in many different ways depending on the person defining the word. For the purposes of this exploration, we’ll focus on the following definition of creativity:

  • “Imagination”

  • Producing original ideas

  • Entering a ‘flow state’

  • Spontaneous expression

  • Immersion in the pleasure of activity

  • Ability to create generative learning or solutions to problems, solo or with others

Does this definition resonate with you? Are there other elements to what creativity is to you? Creativity, as it is outlined above, allows us to navigate through transitions, change, conflicts, volatility, growth, and development.

Having previously explored curiosity, compassion, calm, and connectedness, we can see how creativity can easily be a by-product of these qualities.

Connection--->Creativity: When we feel connected we may feel fed by the energy of others. Perhaps this energy provides the much-needed fuel for creation.

Calm--->Creativity: When we are in a state of calm we can enter the flow state more readily.

Compassion--->Creativity: When we are practicing compassion, we are often doing so in our unique way. Our original signature on our compassionate offering is in itself an expression of what lives within us, and thus, creativity in action via compassion.

Curious--->Creativity: When we are being curious, we can let our imaginations run freely beyond the boundaries that judgment may otherwise impose.

Hopefully, at this point in our exploration, you can begin to see how the C’s work with one another, how they support each other, and that there is no particular order or pathway we must take to work with them. We may take any “C-way” in to experience our Self Leadership.

Here are some journal prompts to explore on the topic of creativity:

  • What is your relationship to creativity?

  • What promotes and what blocks creativity for you?

  • What have been your most precious outcomes of creativity?

  • Where might creativity help you?

  • How might you be limiting your expression or definition of creativity?

This piece is written by Lisa DiMatteo, PCC a Self Leadership Coach who also specializes in helping humans explore their relationships with money, work & life.


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