About HFL

Inspiring Change

To ignite leaders to lead with integrity, to lead boldly, and create an inclusive and
welcoming workplace


Helping leaders increase their leadership quotient through thought provoking conversations
and reflections

Core Values

Prioritizing Human Connections, Well-being, and Fun


Influence positive change in all aspects of one’s life—work, personal, and community—through meaningful and sustainable leadership skills

Leadership Development



We are ICF certified Coaches reimagining leadership. We provide leadership coaching, training, and workshops. Our goal is to work with leaders, potential leaders, and organizations to empower and help build our clients' leadership quotient. Effective leaders who lead with integrity impacts positive culture in the workplace while supporting others to reach true potential. We are looking to work with companies that care about employee development. We drive to foster long-life skills that impact business growth and human development. Our core focus is to improve relationship with self, beginning with self-leadership. 

People come for coaching for many reasons and ultimately, they come because they want and are ready for a change. Some of the areas of focus:

  • A focus on people, relationships, organizational culture, and behavioral change. 

  • A safe place to visit regularly and consistently...to consolidate, to integrate, and re-energize. 

  • The opportunity to identify and work through fears and limiting beliefs with a Certified Professional Coach that is 100% committed, in a strictly confidential zone. 

  • The dedicated space and time to focus on individual and systemic leadership. 

  • A partnership that facilitates problem-solving by challenging assumptions and choices. 

  • Space to periodically slow down and engage the more creative, insightful parts of one's brain. 

  • An opportunity to raise self-awareness and build emotional intelligence.