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Meet Us

Our team offers online professional coaching (and limited in-person coaching) throughout the U.S., with coaches located in Florida, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Colorado!

Charlene Birk

Charlene Birk, MA, PCC 

Founder and Director

Leadership & Life Coach

Leadership Development Facilitator

Diversity Trainer

Wendy's Headshot 2020.jpeg

Wendy Burroughs, PCC

Executive & Leadership Coach

Facilitator & Faculty Mentor Coach

Clare Merlo

Clare Merlo, MBA, PCC

Leadership & Relationship Coach

Immediate Past Past President, ICF South Florida

Dorothy Richardson

Dorothy Richardson, ACC, NRWA, FCWP

Career Coach & Career Development Trainer

Vilma Gulabani

Vimla Gulabani, MBA, PCC

Executive Coach

Mindfulness Teacher


Eileen Pawlowski


Image by Nastuh Abootalebi
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