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HFL Testimonials

I honestly didn’t know how much I needed a coach until I found Charlene. I feel a night and day difference between who I was 10 months ago and who I am today. I’ve progressed so much. Each time we worked together I could see the value add to my personal life and my business. I highly recommend her.

Amy B., Director

When I turned 49, I knew I it was finally time to go after some big goals I had been thinking about for years (but hadn’t made any progress towards actually achieving them). My tendency is to work hard, but to let things flow organically – which doesn’t always see results. Six months later, halfway into my sessions with Charlene, what has surprised me the most is not only have I achieved several of my original goals, but it has been really fun, and exciting along the way. I had expressed to her lofty dreams for my art career, personal life, and endurance races – and was amazed by the creative coaching skills and insight she applied to these very different subjects. With Charlene’s guidance, I am able to appreciate every moment of the journey, which has also influenced my two young sons. She is extremely professional, enthusiastic, and a wonderfully warm person. I highly recommend working with Charlene.

Jana I., Artist

Charlene was instrumental in establishing resolve during an exciting and bold career transition. Although I worked with Charlene briefly, she possesses the expertise and utilizes assessment offerings to promptly evaluate concerns that were stalling my personal and professional goals. Her valuable feedback helped me reprioritize and see beyond the visible horizon in order to develop and implement an effective career transition. Charlene’s enthusiasm and professionalism are prominent. I highly recommend her as a Professional Development Coach.

Erica M., Real Estate Sales Associate

Charlene helped me focus and shape my personal and professional goals and then pushed me to pursue them more actively. During our talks, she would create a safe space for us to dive deep and find the truth hidden under all the noise. Her sincere interest in my development was clear every step of the way, from thoughtfulness put into my assignments to checking-in that I was celebrating my successes. Before this experience, I felt stuck, but now I have more confidence to face challenges head-on and seek more meaningful pursuits.

Tom Rennhack, Senior Financial Analyst

The leadership coaching process digs deep into my thought process that leads to certain behaviors and causes ineffectiveness. Charlene coaches me to gain more understanding of my thought process, take cognitive responsibility to shift my perspectives. She designs exercises for me that leads to change in behavior patterns, and strengthens my newly found leadership muscles to be a more effective leader to my team. Charlene’s steady check-in ensures that I take my commitment seriously and not revert to my old ways. She is also my biggest cheerleader through the triumphs and setbacks. Through our strategic and systemic hard work, I see changes every week to curb my bad habits, developing new healthy ones that strengthen my leadership skills continuously!

Jennifer Wen Ma, Visual Artist and Emmy Award Winner

Charlene is confident and fearless in her coaching. She looks for ways to improve herself based on your needs, in order to provide you the maximum value in your time together.

Tamir Hasan, Own Your Own Solution

I really enjoyed my time with Charlene and all the benefits coaching has brought to my life. She has helped me to be a better multi-tasker but most importantly has guided me in the language that I speak to myself about obstacles that I face with creating my professional business. She is very caring, knowledgeable and patient when guiding you in your sessions. She has been a tremendous asset in helping me to achieve my professional goals and has helped me to utilize my own personal tool set. I believe that coaching is for everyone as it has been a nice way to sort out my ideas and visions and then put them into action.

Christina Lovely, Reiki Master Practitioner

Charlene is a warm engaging coach who easily creates a safe space for her clients to play in.

Carol Fink, Executive Coach

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