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The Beauty of December

Reflection Time...

What does the month of December mean to you? At HFL, December is when the story of a year ends, when a new story begins, and when the choice of what you will keep doing, stop doing, and start doing can help create a restored you. Three simple tools to support you make progress towards your goals for 2020.

  1. What will you KEEP doing? Example: I will keep December as the month to reflect, recap, and restart.

  2. What will you STOP doing? Example: I will stop mindlessly scrolling on my phone.

  3. What will you START doing? Example: I will start reading 9 pages of meaningful contents 5 days a week.

Make December a GREAT month to finish the year with a bang, for connections, and for personal and professional development.

Contact us at to explore how HFL can help you to create a prosperous year.

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Leadership & Executive Coach


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